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ViewAngira Moscow, Russian Federation 06 Mar 2021 toscaida (US)
ViewMLG International LLC Miami, FL, United States 06 Mar 2021 hkurtz (DE)
ViewScriptis Inc. Laval, Québec, Canada 05 Mar 2021 Minerva57 (US)
ViewCerebro AG (formerly Clementis AG) Adelzhausen, Germany 05 Mar 2021 trwozniak (US)
ViewGlobal Citizens Services / Global Citizenship Consultancy Limited London, United Kingdom 05 Mar 2021 trwozniak (US)
ViewAmazon EU Sarl Luxemburg, Luxembourg 04 Mar 2021 origami (PL)
ViewLennon.de Language Services Münster, Germany 04 Mar 2021 trwozniak (US)
ViewGeaSpeak Rosario Santa Fe, Argentina 04 Mar 2021 mnabrz (BR)
ViewMontana Language Services, LLC (MTLS) Bozeman, MT, United States 03 Mar 2021 translator2011 (PR)
Viewthebigword / LinkUp Mitaka Limited Leeds, United Kingdom 03 Mar 2021 trwozniak (US)
ViewWeMaven Language Services Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, China 03 Mar 2021 trwozniak (US)
ViewPaname Translations Bundall, Queensland, Australia 02 Mar 2021 trwozniak (US)
ViewTradText Services LLP Pevensey Bay, E Sussex, United Kingdom 02 Mar 2021 trwozniak (US)
ViewPro Translations Hub Ltd.(dba TranslationWorks.eu) Liverpool, United Kingdom 01 Mar 2021 toscaida (US)
ViewNative Speaks UK Ltd. London, United Kingdom 01 Mar 2021 toscaida (US)
ViewLanguage Fish, LLC / OfficialTranslate / CertifiedTranslate Santa Monica, CA, United States 01 Mar 2021 trwozniak (US)
ViewOfficial Translation Calabasas, CA, United States 28 Feb 2021 Sasha222 (US)
ViewTradas S.A./N.V. Brussels , Belgium 28 Feb 2021 gad (US)
ViewCeler Pawlowsky SL (CPSL) (Barcelona) Barcelona, Spain 28 Feb 2021 gad (US)
ViewAccurapid Poughkeepsie, NY, United States 28 Feb 2021 gad (US)
ViewKeylingo Translations Atlanta, GA, United States 28 Feb 2021 gad (US)
ViewJTG, Inc. Vienna, VA, United States 28 Feb 2021 gad (US)
ViewInternational Contact, Inc. Oakland, CA, United States 28 Feb 2021 gad (US)
ViewGazelle Globalization Group, LLC / G3 Translate New York, NY, United States 28 Feb 2021 gad (US)
ViewOttotrad Vitry-sur-Seine, France 28 Feb 2021 gad (US)

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