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Are you experiencing cash flow problems because clients pay you late for work you delivered on time? Did an agency unilaterally reduce its payment to you due to alleged "quality" problems? Has a new client disappeared after your delivered your translation and failed to pay you?

Then STOP working for free!

Welcome to Payment Practices™, the oldest, most extensive objective dataset related to the payment practices of translation agencies and other consumers of translation services. A 2018 survey of freelance translators and interpreters found that Payment Practices was their primary source for vetting potential agency clients.

The Payment Practices™ database contains information on 13779 translation agencies and clients worldwide, 10683 total responses and 6245 comments on those buyers. Agencies are rated by the responses of freelancer translators: the PP Reliability Score (PPR Score™) shows the translation agency's reliability in terms of on-time payments; the Translator Approval (TA Score™) is assigned to each response based on the freelance translator's willingness to work with that agency again. Used together, these two scores make it easy for freelance translators and interpreters to decide whether to work for a particular translation agency or client.

Here are a few quotes from satisfied subscribers. See the Testimonials page to read what else these freelance translators and interpreters like you have to say about Payment Practices.

"I find Payment Practices an invaluable resource and use it every time I get an inquiry from a new agency" J.R., USA

"I've been using Payment Practices since its inception and I strongly believe that this is one of the most valuable services on the net for all involved in the translation industry." Y.M., Russia

"The PP membership fee is the best money I ever spent!" I.P., USA

"I would never work with a new agency without checking Payment Practices." R.D., Spain

For less than what most freelance translators charge for one hour's work, you can have rapid and easy access this valuable information for a full year. Register today


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