Here is what freelancer translators and interpreters just like you have to say about Payment Practices. (Full disclosure: Emphasis may have been added and may have been edited for grammar and spelling.)

"I find Payment Practices an invaluable resource and use it every time I get an inquiry from a new agency (which these days seems to be nearly every day!). For me, access to the database is the worth the subscription price many times over, as it enables me to decide in a matter of minutes whether to pursue an offer, thus saving time, effort, and potential headache and allowing me to concentrate on the business of translation rather than debt collection."

-- Julianne Rowland, Johnson City, TN

"I would never work with a new agency without checking Payment Practices. If there are no good ratings for them there, then, no way. This may sound a bit extreme, but if any the translators who were not paid by a Spanish agency a few years ago had reported this to Payment Practices (and if I had known this list existed), I wouldn't be short of 2,000 euros now, and I wouldn't have wasted many hours and some money chasing that bad payer."

-- Rosa D., Barcelona, Spain

"I've been using PP since its inception and I strongly believe that this is one of the most valuable services on the net for all involved in the translation industry. In addition to the invaluable information it provides, more than once PP helped me chase bad payers. More often than not, just a threat to publish information on bad payment practices on PP works out in immediate payment from delayers."

-- Yuri Melnikov, MARK Business Translations Ltd., Moscow, Russia

"Back in November, I was contacted by a US agency for a small assignment. Since it was rather urgent, I didn't take the time to check their rating on PP. Well, four months later I wished I would have because I was still waiting for my money! If I had looked up their track record on PP, I simply would not have accepted the job in the first place because they had a rating of only 1.5 stars out of five! The time it took me to write them several reminders before they finally paid me could have been far better spend on paid work.

"The PP membership fee is the best money I ever spent! Not only has it saved me money, but also the aggravation of having to chase clients. Besides the obvious financial benefits, what I like most about PP is that the comments are all kept very professional, concise and to-the-point."

-- Ingrid van Praag, Houston, TX

"I love the new format. Frankly, when you started outlining your plans, I had my doubts about this project, but the result is way beyond my expectations! Awesome features and so easy to use!!! Thank you!"

-- Anne V., Wakefield, RI

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