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ViewSaga Translations Brooklyn, NY, United States 24 Sep 2023 occaputo (US)
ViewVisual Data Media Services Burbank, CA , United States 23 Sep 2023 trwozniak (US)
ViewPlanet Lingua S.L. / Planet Lingua Group (PLG) Barcelona, Spain 22 Sep 2023 languageservices (ES)
ViewLawlinguists (Italy) Milan, Italy 21 Sep 2023 oli72 (ES)
ViewLawlinguists (Spain) Barcelona, Spain 21 Sep 2023 oli72 (ES)
ViewLingPerfect Polska Warsaw, Poland 20 Sep 2023 drki (RS)
ViewExfluency AG Kraków, Poland 20 Sep 2023 trwozniak (US)
ViewExfluency AG Aarhus, Denmark 20 Sep 2023 trwozniak (US)
ViewExfluency AG Zug, Switzerland 20 Sep 2023 trwozniak (US)
ViewIdem Translations, Inc. Palo Alto, CA, United States 20 Sep 2023 trwozniak (US)
ViewEurologos Brussels, Belgium 19 Sep 2023 SueJenkins (GB)
ViewEdit Perfectly Český Těšín, Moravian-Silesian, Czech Republic 18 Sep 2023 Calypso (US)
ViewLingualife GbR, Konrad Fricke & Fricke Berlin, Germany 17 Sep 2023 trwozniak (US)
ViewZesauro Traducciones Madrid, Spain 15 Sep 2023 languageservices (ES)
ViewWaves Language Solutions Miami, FL, United States 15 Sep 2023 trwozniak (US)
ViewTRADUCI2 La Coruña, Spain 15 Sep 2023 languageservices (ES)
ViewLucalize Cairo, Egypt 14 Sep 2023 trwozniak (US)
View1 World Translation Inc. (was: One World Translations & Associates, Inc.) Lyons, CO, United States 14 Sep 2023 trwozniak (US)
ViewVerbalang Inc Montreal, Quebec, Canada 13 Sep 2023 tradutora (PT)
ViewThe English Consultancy Dortmund, Germany 13 Sep 2023 trwozniak (US)
ViewZab, LLC Provo, UT, United States 13 Sep 2023 languageservices (ES)
ViewTrazion KASS Regional IP Services Pte. Ltd Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 12 Sep 2023 JLWallace (US)
ViewLegosIndia (formerly: Lego's) Delhi, India 09 Sep 2023 gad (US)
ViewAmerican Language Services (ALS) / AML Global Los Angeles, CA, United States 08 Sep 2023 joshuamaxgoldberg (US)
ViewGroy Translations Sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland 08 Sep 2023 SueJenkins (GB)

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